Idealism: A new game by Jason Rohrer is available from The Escapist.

Braid: Owners of an Xbox 360 dev kit can now play Braid on Partnernet.

Metanet's N+: According to VG Chartz, this 2D platformer released on the XBLA just three weeks ago has sold over 85,000 copies.


MoonPod: Nick reveals that their next game will feature pirates. (article)

World of Goo: Kyle confirms that the WiiWare version of 2D Boy's debut release will include multiplayer support.


Mighty Jill Off: Feministe reviews dessgeega's latest game.

CoolMoose: Tom is working on a sequel to RunMan's Monster Fracas.

White Butterfly: A demo for Linley's new vertical shooter is now available for download. (registered forum members only)