This is a Cry for Help: Edmund McMillen (Gish, Triachnid, Twin Hobo Rocket) has redesigned one of his old sites to include nearly every single game he has a hand in creating in the last few years.

Echoes: fog reveals the secret code to unlock Crack, a hidden game in Binary Zoo's arena shooter.

auntie pixelante: dessgeega has a new site up. She reviews all sorts of indie games on it.

Four Elements VI: GameDev.Net's 4E6 competition entries are now available for download.


Toribash: Hampa's physics-based fighting game updated to version 3.2.

Powder Game: Earth Editor 1.0 released. New gas feature also added to DAN-BALL's popular physics simulation tool.


YoYoGames: Sandy Duncan interviewed by TVGB.

Line Rider: The developer of the popular webtoy interviewed by Alistair for a new GameSetWatch column.

Blueberry Garden: Erik Svedäng interviewed. (source: Maggie Greene, Kotaku)


Graveyard, The: Chris Kohler takes a look at Tales of Tales' latest release.

Indie Nation: Gamma Bros mentioned on Destructoid.


Resonance: Preview for xii games' upcoming release posted. (screenshots)

Audiosurf: A new beta is available from Invisible Handlebar's forums.

Dev.Mag: The latest issue of this free publication includes reports on the AGS engine, Synaesthete and GDC.

Snow: The developer of Muon and Reversed had posted several screenshots from his new game in the Poppenkast forums.

P.B. Winterbottom: Postmortem for the IGF Student Game Finalist is up on Gamasutra. (web site)

Seizures: An article on why games with flashing images should have proper epilepsy warnings.