Welcome to the new IndieGames.com Game of the Month pick! Every month, we will highlight a special pay-to-download indie game worthy of your attention. Selections are based on the quality of each game and the fun factor they offer.

More importantly, these games are the ones that stand out in the crowded space of commercial indie releases - the crème de la crème, so to speak.

Our inaugural pick is Data Realms' title Cortex Command - the indie team-based PC combat game with neat pixel graphics and physics used to simulate every character, particle, and explosion in extreme detail.

Although still a work in progress, Cortex Command features two main gameplay modes and support for up to four players in splitscreen mode. It is sure not to disappoint fans of action-packed battles in the style of Soldat and Worms! Click through for more info on key game features.

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Here is the Feature Page, take a look!