- Hey, folks - so if IndieGames.com readers could help us out for a second, we're conducting a v.brief anonymous survey (6 questions only, should take about 30 seconds to fill out!) to work out exactly who reads the Indie Games Blog.

Why? This site is operated by us folks at Think Services, which also runs things like Game Developers Conference and the Independent Games Festival, we're trying to work out more about the demographics and wants of the site readership.

Anyhow, the survey is completely optional, and as mentioned previously, the results will not be tied to any personal information or details you give us.

But if you do want some incentive to do it, we're giving away a set of 4 GameSetApparel T-shirts - including a neat Dan 'Alien Hominid/Castle Crashers' Paladin tee, among others - to one randomly picked survey filler-out.

[Please note that when you complete the survey, it'll just go back to the IndieGames.com homepage.]

(Chairman, IGF.)