Review by bigbossSNK

Dino Run (Pixeljam mirror) - The pyroclastic wall of doom is approaching. Nothing survives it. The premise is clear, you either run ahead of it, or you die. No one said survival was going to be easy in this dino-eat-dino world.

Pixeljam's latest game lets you decide the fate of a dino, and has the typical* features of a free indie game: old school pixel art, multiple areas to explore, achievements to unlock, upgrades and secrets to obsess over.

And to prove these dinos live in packs, the developers have included an online multiplayer mode that'll have you competing against other dinos across the Pangea. (Smack talking optional)

*By typical, I mean extraordinary

Name: Dino Run
Developer: PiXelJAM games
Category: Action
Type: Browser