Review by Gr.Viper

It's time for some wanton destruction - Japanese style! Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2 features giant armed mechs (designs borrowed from Gundam) fighting in dense urban environments. Powerful weapons demolishing city buildings with one shot, jetpacks taking you sky high and special abilities like brief transformation are in common use both by player and AI bots, so battlegrounds tend to get pretty hot seconds after the battle begins.

The game also features Practice mode with disabled enemy AI. The other two modes are large scale battles with AI teammates - either until one team is destroyed or (in Blitz mode) until it loses its motherships which are huge and tough but not invulnerable.

Players are offered a good selection of gear to try on. Some mechs are pure melee types with a neat special ability thrown in (like long plasma whip), while others are designed for sniping and dealing massive damage at medium ranges. Several mechs can transform in flight to gain more speed but jetpacks rapidly drain energy, so long flights are impossible. Luckily, weapons drain energy from a different pool and each of them has its own cooldown counter so you'll never be unarmed even if your mech has no sword.

The default control scheme isn't very convenient to use but keys can be reassigned. Key combinations required to perform different tricks are listed in the manual, which has been translated into English along with readme and the few captions in game.

Mech models and animations are well done. Without shiny armor and plasma beams in the air the streets look pale and boring, although you won't have time to notice it unless you press the escape key and give the shot camera feature a try (controlled by cursor keys, W, A, S, D, Z, X and R for reset). A DirectX 9 video card is recommended, and the installation of .NET 2.0 is also required. With graphics set to full the game tends to get choppy when many mechs get together, although options to disable HDR and shaders are present. (screenshots, trailer in the extended)

Name: Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2
Developer: Y. Kamada
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 60MB
Direct download link: Click here