Review by Gr.Viper

Another big mech game coming right up! It's old but still has its charm. Unlike recently picked Bootfighter, Young's Modulus should be more appealing to Battletech (or Earthsiege) fans. That is the mechs here are ugly, heavy and steer like a sleigh full of bricks. But their enormous mass means that inside there's a lot of space for fitting weapons and equipment.

The curious might learn about the plot in game's readme but basically YM boils down to destroying two-legged steel balls that spit plasma. You can either do it in Quick Combat mode or start an alien extermination campaign where you'll have to fight for many planets and manage resources such as money, metal, energy to build more mechs. Research is also required to hit the enemy with the best stuff.

Despite simple graphics and bland menus the action feels very immersive because the view bobs with mech's steps and flashes from gunshots light everything in the area while you listen to cold computer voice listing failed subsystems. And you will feel the failures: controls start acting strange, HUD and tactical radar go haywire, IR and low-light vision flicker, reactor loses output, batteries leak and rear-view camera shows black screen. Then you fall down.

To prevent this you have to learn basic teammate controls and properly arm your mechs. Good choice of weapons allows all kinds of combinations: fast unarmoured gunner with jump jets, heavily shielded stomper with missiles and flamer, invisible cloaked laser sniper etc. You decide! Although in quick combat the choice of weapons is limited to mech's tech level while in campaign you can try to fit newly developed weapons into older gear. (tip: do not use emergency power while running up hill - mech's legs are more likely to slip with throttle over 100%)

P.S. It might be hard to see where the unlock "code" goes: main screen, bottom text field.

Name: Young's Modulus
Developer: Austin Meyer
Category: Action
Type: Freeware (demo unlocks with any 6-digit code)
Size: 25MB
Direct download link: Win, Mac