Penny Arcade Adventures: A demo for Greenhouse's flagship title is now available. (mirrors)

Tale of Tales: Michael Samyn had begun posting parts to an article on the creative process involved in making their latest art game.


Cave Story: Shih Tzu had posted a link to an unofficial Doukutsu Monogatari music arrangement soundtrack. (fan art)

Noitu Love 2: Soundtrack to Joakim's 2D platformer now available for download.


Dino Run: Pixeljam Games' latest release reviewed on Indie Nation. The podcast also reveals TOTINOS as the password to unlock the special robot hat. (pictured right)

Freeloader: Both Makibishi Comic and Toribash mentioned in 1UP's special feature.


Dwarf Fortress: Tarn Adams chats with Ross Payton of Role Playing Public Radio.

Cortex Command: Data Realms' debut release featured in Play magazine.

Spooks: Erin Robinson interviewed by Yesterday's Salad.


Buster: Screenshots from an upcoming game by the developer of Iwanaga posted.

Stair Dismount 2: New trailer for Secret Exit's sequel to their popular physics game uploaded.


Putty Puzzle: Kevin Glass' well-received puzzle game updated with twelve new levels.

Fraxy: mon's Fraxy gets a new update.


Metanet: N+ merchandises are now available from the newly-opened online shop. (source: metablog)

XNA Creators Club Online: Microsoft's community site for game designers and developers is now open to the public.

Frogs and Mice: Caravel Games' upcoming InstantAction exclusive release is halfway done.

Pteroglider: Codeminion's first shareware title now available as a free download.