Clockwork: Preliminary design sketch for Mike Bithell's new steampunk adventure posted in his development journal.

Blood from Clockwork Hearts: The author of Gun Mute and Snowblind Aces might possibly be working on a new IF adventure game.

The Fool and His Money: More screenshots from Cliff's long-awaited sequel added to the game information page.

Lila Dreams: New design sketch and art posted in Creatrix Games' development journal.

Go Beryllium: More screenshots from monoRAIL's upcoming 2D shooter posted.


What's New in Indie: The April edition of GameTunnel's monthly feature is up.

GameTap: New interviews with the developers of P.B. Winterbottom and World of Goo added.

Karoshi: The lead producer of Fallout 3 takes a look at 2Dcube's series of suicide platformers.

Play This Thing: Cactus Arcade reviewed.


Samorost: A gallery of pictures from the month-long exhibition in Ceske Budejovice, showcasing Amanita Design's previous works.

GameTap Indies: A list of indie games currently being offered by Turner's distribution service. (source: GameSetWatch)

You Found the Grappling Hook: Solution for the Pro Edition of messhof's quirky action platformer is now available.

Vector Infector: Bob might possibly complete a new version of VI for inclusion in the RRCD project.

Python: Gary Bishop had posted source codes for implementing Wiimote controls into PyGame.