Ad Nauseam 2 seemed to be a pretty big hit on GamingW compared to your other games and a lot of people have said good things about it, what was the concept and idea behind it?

Well, first I started out wanting to make a game with powerful explosions. A shoot 'em up felt like the easiest way to do it. Technical limitations pretty much excluded most other genres anyway. So I decided to make as many enemies as I could before I got bored, and ended up with three levels worth.

I wanted the game to have a theme so I designed it after the game's title. I used the internet as the point of focus. The first level in the game is about my hate for emoticons. Unfortunately I've started to use them myself. It seems to be really hard to avoid them.

The next bit was about text, which there really seems to be no limit to how much there is on the net. And most of it is a waste of bandwidth, it seems. The final bit is about spam. Here we got porn, viagra, drugs and money, which seems to be the kind of e-mails I usually get that end up in the junk folder.

What programs do you use to make the graphics in your games?

MS Paint, or GM's built-in graphics editor which is practically the same as MS Paint.

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