Nameless Roguelike is an entry level roguelike game, where enemies are represented by alphabets while items are shown as special symbols or quotation marks. Press the question mark or slash key to access the shortcut list. Press a directional arrow key when next to an enemy to attack it. Use the O or C key to operate doors, shown as a brown symbol. Bodies of water represented by blue tiles cannot be crossed.

Press the W or P key to equip a weapon or armor. Your equipment is always ordered in such a way that the item at the end of the list will be the most powerful one you'll have in posession. Use the greater than or less than symbols to ascend and descend staircases. Press the Q key to drink a potion, or use the T key to throw an item at an enemy.

Hold '5' on the numeric keypad to rest for a couple of turns, and tap the E key to consume some food. Press the space key to grab an item off the floor. Players unfamiliar with roguelikes can begin the adventure with a human or construct from the warrior class, with a focus on strength and potions of healing as their starting equipment to increase their chances of survival in the dungeons.

Name: Nameless Roguelike
Developer: Simon Pelletier
Category: Roguelike
Type: Browser