Battle of Tiles is a simple yet addictive strategy game, where players have to decide on the attack formation of their army before rushing into combat. The user interface mimics modern-day RTS games, in which units can be selected by clicking or dragging a square around multiple tiles. Hold the left control key while left-clicking to deselect a unit. Use the W, A, D and X keys to move the selected party around, or press the S key to skip a turn.

Units gain experience through battle, and more soldiers can be added to your party by double-clicking on an enemy unit to purchase them. The method of placing melee units in front of archers and wizards works best here, but players are more than welcomed to change formation in the heat of battle as they attempt to overwhelm the enemy with numbers. Units regain health automatically as the party is moved forward. (source: GameTunnel, Andrew Wooldridge)

Name: Battle of Tiles
Developer: Bimboosoft
Category: Strategy
Type: Demo
Size: 20MB