Dino Run: New hats added to Pixeljam's latest release. (milestone trophies)


Eschalon Book II: The second title in Basilisk Games' RPG trilogy has been announced. (source: Rampant Games)

Depths of Peril: Mac version of Soldak Entertainment's debut RPG release now available for download.


Audiosurf: An in-depth look at Dylan Fitterer's award-winning baby, up on Gamasutra.

Wadjet Eye Games: Dave Gilbert interviewed by a GWLog staff. (Noitu Love 2 review, Introduction to Game Maker)

Braid: An unpublished GameTap interview can be found on David's web site.


Clockwork: More information about Mike Bithell's upcoming steampunk adventure posted.

CocoCrush: A new game announced by the developer of NaaC and Tubopac.

Machinarium: The official web site for Amanita Design's upcoming 2D adventure game updated with high-resolution screenshots.

Crimsonland 2: New screenshot from 10tons' upcoming arena shooter posted.


XPOser Game Development Contest: A game development competition offering $6,500 in cash to the grand prize winner, but only games made exclusively for XPOGames are entitled to participate in the best exclusive game category. (contest rules)

PlayBASIC Game Making Competition: A contest where participants are required to create a platformer using PlayBasic to stand a chance of winning at least $250 in cash prize by finishing first.


Dundee Jam 2: Games from the second Scotland-based game development event are now available for download.

Warfare Transporter: A new action game by the developer of the Submachine and Covert Front series.


Legions: InstantAction's new FPS game will be released this coming Tuesday, on the 24th of June.

Rose and Camellia 2: A proper sequel to Nigoro's Flash action game is still in consideration, according to a comment made by a member of the development team.

Untitled Game: Screenshots from cotik's new shooter have been regularly posted at the developer's web site.

Blueberry Garden: No news about a release yet, but there are a couple of wallpapers posted.

GamesRadar: Ben Richardson has compiled a dozen of the best games costing under $20 each in a special article.

Exit: This console release is now available to play on the Windows platform, but limited to a thirty-minute trial in demo mode. The 300 MB download is in Japanese only.