Gish 2: Cryptic Sea's web site updated with new teaser image.

Braid: Number None's upcoming debut release has entered the certification phase. Also confirmed, work on the next game has begun and it is not a sequel to Braid.

N+: The XBLA version will be getting three new level packs (consisting of over 750 stages), and one of the packs will be free to download. Subscribers of the OXBM UK mag should also be receiving some very special bonuses soon.

World of Goo: Kyle Gabler has revealed a slightly more specific release date for 2DBoy's upcoming PC and Wiiware release.

Fren-ze: Matt Verran (Ookibloks developer) interviewed by Oddbob.

Sense Of Wonder Night: Ten games selected by the commitee of this IGF-like event will be showcased at the Tokyo Game Show on the evening of October 10th, 2008. (source: GameSetWatch)

Powered Ragdoll: Walaber (of JellyCar fame) is working on a new game idea which involves controlling a physics-powered ragdoll character using an Xbox 360 controller.

Light Speed Ship: Babarageo had posted a playable prototype for his new arcade game.


newStage: Fans of Japanese shooters may want to take note of this new web site dedicated to reporting on the latest horizontal and vertical shooter releases.

Subterranean Animism: A 125 MB demo containing three playable stages for ZUN's latest vertical shooter is now available for download.

Storm Assault: New screenshot from Storm Project's upcoming horizontal shooter posted. (download beta)

Genetos: Pictured below, one of the four new screenshots from Tatsuya Koyama's evolutionary vertical shooter posted on his development journal. (download beta)


Treasure Treasure: Craig Forrester (Clockwiser and Pushover remake) is working on a new platformer.

Unnamed Project: Pictured below, a collaborative project between cactus and Cow (who did the splash screen for Psychosomnium). As usual, the game should be done in three hours' time from now.

Fedora Spade 4: The final chapter is undergoing playtesting, and should be out in a matter of weeks. (download episodes 1 - 3)