All twelve games created for the Assembly 2008 game development competition are now available for download; highlights include entries submitted by Petri Purho and Jetro Lauha (developer of the Dismount series). Much like last year's A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder, the updated version of Choke on my Groundhog can be acquired from the Kloonigames web site by the end of this month.

Petri Purho will also be one of the speakers at the Assembly 2008 Summer (Finland's largest computer festival in Helsinki) on Thursday, July 31st 2008. Session starts at around 5 PM. According to the seminar schedule page:

All sessions will be video recorded and made available as video on demand on FTP/WWW servers at The delay from the presentation to the release of the video on demand file is around 12 hours.

(source: Janne Rautiainen, original entry)