About this time last year, I had a great idea to sell games as an affiliate through, but hand over all the cash I earned to struggling developers so they could up the ante and deliver some truly astonishing Indie games.

It didn't really work, for various reasons. The usual reasons. I didn't really have the time to dedicate to the project, and as such stopped updating the site with new games, and the whole thing sort of caved in on itself.

Still, we did make a couple of quid, and there were some very kind donations by people who understood and believed in what I was trying to do.

That said, there's not much cash to be had. I've topped it up to nice round £200 ($400ish) - which is enough to buy someone some decent music for their game, or some tasty art to add a bit of spit and polish.

It'll only go to someone who's working on a proper, inspiring example of true Indie ingenuity. If you'd like to get your hands on some genuinely free money, drop me a line to [email protected] with as many details as possible of your project- screenshots are a bonus -and let me know what the cash would be used for.

If you know of someone who's working on something brillo-wow, and would like to nominate them, leave a comment or drop me and email or a pm or something.

We'll go from there. Sorry it didn't work out better, but you live and learn, I guess.

Small Print:
For the sake of keeping my nose clean, it won't go to anyone I've had any serious dealings with in the past couple of years, in case it just looks all a bit dodgy. That said, it needs to go to something and someone deserving, no matter what. I'll probably set up some sort of voting in the Zombie Cow Forums to decide where the cash goes, but my decision is final. Payment will be via PayPal, so you'll need an account. If there's not enough interest in FREE MONEY, it'll go to a worthy charity like helping little children to not be poorly, that sort of thing.

Thanks to everyone who bought a game through, it's very much appreciated.