Derelict is a creepy first-person shooter featuring dark bloodstained corridors, a small team of brave marines and hordes of spawning mutants. Space Hulk fans will sure find this setting familiar. The game plays like a tactical puzzle - soldiers can't outrun enemies and have limited ammo, so walikng aimlessly or standing on a spot nailing down endless waves of bad guys is a sure way to die.

Luckily, each of the five troopers under player's command has an overhead map which not only shows level layout but can also be used to give orders to teammates. Unfortunately, only the CO can see enemies on the map as well. The other four soldiers are a heavy gunner, a demolitions expert, a hacker and a medic - each with their own useful skills.

The game atmosphere is superb - mostly because of the haunting soundtrack, low light levels and Alien-style beeping of motion detector.

Name: Derelict
Developer: Erik Hogan
Category: Action / Strategy
Type: Freeware
Size: 36MB
Direct download link: Click here