Loot is a casual card game set in a dungeon, in which players are to equip themselves with a deck consisting of potions or spells procured from the rooms they've explored.

You may only move into an adjacent room one at a time, with each new location yielding either a trap, loot or ladder. You lose one of your health points when encountering traps, and can carry a maximum of six cards at most. Players will be forced to discard or use a card immediately if the deck limit is reached.

There are an infinite number of levels to explore, but players must still make their way back to the entrance of the dungeon to win the game and have their points haul recorded on the high score table. Brilliantly executed, but unfortunately the game also relies heavily on the use of a pen and paper for noting down locations of traps.

Name: Loot
Developer: Casey Sillito
Category: Puzzle
Type: Freeware
Size: 5MB