From GamerBytes: Metanet have announced that the first of 3 expansion packs for their hit game 'N+' will be coming out this week.

Levelpack #1 features 150 new singleplayer maps of "easier" difficulty -- including a map in which we publicly apologize for 14-4 "Master Control" -- which are designed for those people who like the game but prefer the slightly more laid-back levels you tend to find at the start of each episode/column. Things still get fairly hard by the end though. So not easy, but easier.
There are also 50 new co-op maps, which are (we think) much improved over the co-op levels that came with the game, mostly due to us having months more time to play co-op and figure out what works. These are quite definitely NOT easy -- make sure to sit out of punching range, especially when playing 08-4 "the friendship tester". You've been warned!

The first and second packs will cost 200 Points each. The third will be free.

Metanet are also holding a competition - guess the 8 level names NOT used in the upcoming pack to stand a chance in winning a copy of the game, a notebook pack and a copy of the OXM Magazine with new exclusive gamer pics.

Source: N+ Level Pack Contesque: Part the First