We just got a note from Aleks Krotoski over at the British newspaper The Guardian's notable Gamesblog, and sounds like she's looking for more indies to talk about - here's the info:

"The Guardian's gamesblog knows there's more to games than the mainstream players. Over our four-year history, we've endeavored to cover the indie scene as best we can, and we're even dabbling in our own indie game development project.

But enough about us. We run a semi-weekly feature called 'Game Pitch' in which we ask indie game developers ten pre-set questions about their projects as an opportunity to 'Pitch' the game to The Guardian readership. Here are a couple of examples: Clouds Beyond Clouds, a point-and-click mystery based on the lives and works of the Bronte sisters and the ARG The Sky Remains.

Here's the seed that kicked it all off.

If you've got a game you're working on and would like to see it on The Guardian, please do get in touch. You can contact me at gamesblog (at) gmail.com. Really looking forward to hearing from you! - Aleks."