Shadez: The Black Operations is a new strategy game by Sean Cooper, developer of the Boxhead top-down zombie shooter series. The mission objective is to protect your side of the field from enemy infiltration by recruiting and purchasing units for battle. Health is deducted whenever an enemy unit makes it to the left side of the screen, and the game ends when health is completely depleted to zero.

New types of troops and weaponry can be added to your arsenal at the cost of additional funds. Assign basic orders to certain units by left clicking on them, then selecting an action from the menu located at the bottom of the screen.

Use the shift and arrow keys to view other parts of the map, or click on the mini-map to navigate faster. Press the P key to pause the game at any time, or use fast forward button to advance time quickly. Four difficulty settings with varying terrain patterns and field size are included. (game guide, gameplay video)

Name: Shadez - The Black Operations
Developer: Sean Cooper
Category: Strategy
Type: Browser