ByteAlity Tower Defense is a tower defense game with more than twenty types of towers to unlock and over a hundred maps to play. Much like RPGCreations' Immortal Defense, the coverage area for a tower can be reviewed by selecting a defense structure, then holding the left mouse button over a valid placement section. Release the button to build the structure immediately, and upgrade a tower by left-clicking on the tower again. Funds for tower purchases and upgrades can be amassed by taking out enemies before they reach the main building and inflict structural damage.

Earn additional points in each map by calling for the next wave of enemies before the timer counts down to zero. A short tutorial and comprehensive map editor are included, though certain features are disabled until a player has made sufficient progress in the campaign mode. (download instructions)

Name: ByteAlity Tower Defense
Developer: Erik Leppen
Category: Strategy
Type: Freeware
Size: 20MB