FIG is a puzzle-action game by Arvi Teikari. It is about a green-clothed guy who seeks to return to his home. In order to do this, he must collect all stars from 35 different-looking islands. The player must guide him through all the masses of traps that can be found all over the islands in order to complete the game.

You cannot affect to the guy directly during the levels. instead you must interact with the environment around the guy, and find the correct order and timing in which to click everything to complete a level. Every level also includes a secret blue star, and you get access to the 5 last levels only by collecting all these blue stars from every level. The game has also some small bonus unlockables. (forum thread)

Name: Floating Islands Game
Developer: Arvi Teikari
Category: Action-puzzle
Type: Freeware
Size: 37MB
Direct download link: Click here