The Underside preview


Cryptic Sea: New arena shooter released by the team behind Coil (note: adult content). Also, a new bridge building game is currently in development.

Ben Jordan Case 7: The penultimate chapter of this long-running paranormal investigation series is now available for download.


Overwave: Monokey (Force Majeure) is working on a new vertical shooter.

Hoshi Saga 3: Yoshio Ishii is currently working on a sequel to his popular puzzle collection series.

Release Dates

Jumper 3: Matt Thorson will release a new sequel to his popular 2D platformer on the 24th of August, 2008.

Braid: Jonathan Blow has hinted that the PC version of his critically-acclaimed platformer might be coming out sometime in October 2008.


Toribash: Version 3.4 released. (download page)

Fraxy: mon's top-down 2D shooter gets a new update.

JellyCar: The Windows version of Walaber's physics-based obstacle course game has been updated to version 1.1.


Breakthrough Developers '08: Twenty noteworthy game developers (some indie) were recently featured in a special Gamasutra article.

IndieCade: Games shown at the indie-friendly showcase at E3 profiled by Joystiq. (Kotaku coverage)

Controversial games: MSNBC had named a number of games considered offensive by many in a special eight-page article.


Assembly 2008 Summer: A couple of seminar videos from Finland's largest computer festival are now available for download. (source: Jari Komppa)

Dot Fighters: Apparently Takase is still working on a major update for his 2D versus fighting game.

Online scoreboard tutorial: A rather useful guide (especially the MySQL and PHP sections) for developers who are looking into implementing high score submission features into their projects. (source: monoRAIL)

Price cuts: Eschalon Book 1 is now selling for $19.95 (reduced from $27.95), while the price of Kudos 1 has been halved to $9.95.

DigiPen: Sophomore games added to the gallery.

Legend of the Chambered: Fans of Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder may want to keep tabs on this promising Java applet project. (gameplay video, play LotC)

Vanguard: Baltirow is currently working on a four color CGA-style action game (pictured below).