Nigoro's Bounce Shot can easily be summed up as a cross between Breakout and Space Invaders, where players are entrusted with the mission of driving back an invading alien force and save planet Earth in the process.

Similar to classic arcade shooters, you're only allowed to have a limited number of bullets on screen. This limit can be increased by shooting at Blue Bouncians just as they turn white, and those which blinks before the start of each stage will surrender power-up capsules when taken out. Note that only bullets fired from a ship with a little swerve applied will bounce off walls and ceilings.

You can hold your ship in a stationary position when firing shots to eliminate the need for dodging your own bullets, though certain Bouncians are well-protected and can only be destroyed with bounced shots. You will lose a ship and all of your acquired upgrades if you collide with a bullet fired from either your ship or by the enemies.

A boss battle awaits on the tenth level, and every ten stages after.

Name: Bounce Shot
Developer: Nigoro
Category: Shooter
Type: Browser