Diver maps 2D character posture to mouse position and challenges you to perform thirty death defying dives. The game shines on two occasions: when your planned dive works out, and when it fails miserably, killing the diver Stair-Dismount-style.

Maximize your chances of success by regulating rotation speed (stretched is slow, crouched is fast) so you can land with your feet on the diving platform, and descend as vertical as you can into the blue. Be forewarned, the dives' increasing difficulty will send the faint of heart swimming in a sea of desperation.

Wish list: highscore table, aesthetic dive bonuses, achievements, replay function, level editor and a standalone executable.

Name: Diver
Developer: Jeff Weber
Category: Physics game
Type: Browser

Note: the game provides links to the required (and painless) installation of Microsoft's Silverlight.