Cavern of Doom is a full-length RPG release with original graphics and tilesets, where players take control of Mo the Great who is known across the land for his legendary feats of heroism. No task seems impossible to him, as he attempts to save the once-peaceful town of Quetharc by driving back the monsters hiding in nearby caves and earning the respect of the king and locals in the process.

Use the X key to access your inventory, and press the Z or space key to execute a default action. Switch between full screen and windowed mode with the F4 function key, or hold the left alternate and enter key for a similar effect.

Weapons, scrolls, potions, spells and armor are readily available for purchase from shops around the city, taverns are safe havens for battered warriors looking for a place to rest, while unused equipment can be sold at the pawn shop in exchange for gold. Note that your character stats can only be increased by returning to the city after engaging a couple of enemies in combat and using the free training facilities provided by the townsfolk.

The game also features four difficulty settings, side quests and hidden endings.

Name: Cavern of Doom
Developer: Ignotech
Category: RPG
Type: Freeware
Size: 2MB