Glitch is a first person shooter created by a group of DigiPen students, freely available for download from DigiPen's gallery page. Your given objective is to survive twenty-five waves of enemies whilst trapped inside a room with high ceilings and rising platforms.

Only one weapon can be in use at any time, and will remain in effect until ammunition runs out or when you collect another item. Rocket launchers, cannons, spread shots and claw guns are some of the basic equipment which you can gather, but the game does have a couple of unorthodox weapons such as the vacuum and column gun to acquire as well. Enemy locations can be spotted by looking for coloured spots on the ceiling.

There are a couple of faults to be found in Glitch. No checkpoint feature is included, so players would have to start playing from wave one every single time. Enemies also have a tendency to stay high above the air or teleport themselves far too frequently. (source: bigbossSNK)

Name: Glitch
Developer: Team Glitch
Category: FPS
Type: Freeware
Size: 20MB