Knock the Monster is a remake of Erik Svedäng and Petri Purho's collaborative effort which was originally developed for the inaugural No More Sweden meet. The aim of the game is to knock over a rectangular-shaped monster in each level, by drawing lines of chains to move and swing a heavy weight towards it. A weight attaches itself to a new chain whenever it touches the hook at either end of a chain, while players can cut chains at any time by right-clicking after the level has started to influence proceedings.

Right click on a chain in edit mode to remove it. The restart option can be used to generate a new area whenever players encounter a level that is impossible to solve due to random girder placements. The game also does not have an ending, even though the backstory seems to suggest otherwise.

Name: Knock the Monster
Developers: Erik Svedäng, Petri Purho
Category: Puzzle
Type: Freeware
Size: 10MB