Techno-Slyph is a nice, laid back variety of shooter with a very well paced difficulty curve that should be easily picked up and playable by any fans of the genre. Shoot the bad guys and slowly evolve your ship into an ever more destructive war machine.

*edit: better controls explanation (Thanks Fish!)*
The left (blue) bar is your attack power, you can increase it by pressing 'A', but it eats up more energy.

The middle bar is your energy (yellow is max energy, red is current) - it charges over time and by pickups. If you destroy those engine-ish things (shown in the picture), a drop with a ring around it appears which increases max energy.

The right bar (purple), think of it like a Gradius system. It corresponds with the powerups shown on the bottom right screen, and can be changed by pressing 'S'.

Upgrading works when you 'select' something on your upgrade bar, and you have enough current energy at that level (ie: upgrade bar at lvl 2 for Flash, you have the red energy at lvl 2). If you press 'X' (homing laser), and have enough power, you get the upgrade and your max energy decreases. Unfortunately I *think* that you have to fill the blue vertical bars up all the way to actually use it.

Name: Techno-Slyph
Developer: KBZ
Category: Shooter
Type: Freeware
Size: 1.11MB
Direct Download: Click here