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Archive For September, 2008

Browser Game Pick: Zerosum

September 23, 2008 12:58 PM | Tim W.

Zerosum is a puzzle game that is easy to learn but difficult to master, where players attempt to remove as many tiles as they can before their chances run out by matching at least three blocks with the same number in a column or row.

Click on a block to select it, then select an adjoining tile to move it over to the new spot. This block will then change to a number which is the sum of the previous two tiles, with numbers going above nine starting the count from zero again. One tile will then be taken from your stock to replace the blank spot vacated by the original block, as indicated in the next tile indicator on the right side of the screen.

As the level counter increases, more chains and matches are needed to fulfil the extend quota, which then increases your stock count by one. When burst mode is activated, tiles do not have to be in a straight line to be considered a valid match. Metallic tiles have numbers which cannot be changed, blocks encased in ice has to be freed by removing a tile next to it, and numbers in rounded tiles are increased by one after every turn.

There is a short advertisement to sit through before the game will load.

Name: Zerosum
Category: Puzzle
Type: Browser

Similar games: Blocksum

Samorost in Classrooms

September 23, 2008 12:54 PM | Tim W.

An example of games used in classrooms to teach students the importance of learning puzzle-solving skill sets.

Freeware Game Pick: Cavern of Doom (Ignotech)

September 23, 2008 9:53 AM | Tim W.

Cavern of Doom is a full-length RPG release with original graphics and tilesets, where players take control of Mo the Great who is known across the land for his legendary feats of heroism. No task seems impossible to him, as he attempts to save the once-peaceful town of Quetharc by driving back the monsters hiding in nearby caves and earning the respect of the king and locals in the process.

Use the X key to access your inventory, and press the Z or space key to execute a default action. Switch between full screen and windowed mode with the F4 function key, or hold the left alternate and enter key for a similar effect.

Weapons, scrolls, potions, spells and armor are readily available for purchase from shops around the city, taverns are safe havens for battered warriors looking for a place to rest, while unused equipment can be sold at the pawn shop in exchange for gold. Note that your character stats can only be increased by returning to the city after engaging a couple of enemies in combat and using the free training facilities provided by the townsfolk.

The game also features four difficulty settings, side quests and hidden endings.

Name: Cavern of Doom
Developer: Ignotech
Category: RPG
Type: Freeware
Size: 2MB

Freeware Game Pick: Glitch (Team Glitch)

September 23, 2008 4:35 AM | Tim W.

Glitch is a first person shooter created by a group of DigiPen students, freely available for download from DigiPen's gallery page. Your given objective is to survive twenty-five waves of enemies whilst trapped inside a room with high ceilings and rising platforms.

Only one weapon can be in use at any time, and will remain in effect until ammunition runs out or when you collect another item. Rocket launchers, cannons, spread shots and claw guns are some of the basic equipment which you can gather, but the game does have a couple of unorthodox weapons such as the vacuum and column gun to acquire as well. Enemy locations can be spotted by looking for coloured spots on the ceiling.

There are a couple of faults to be found in Glitch. No checkpoint feature is included, so players would have to start playing from wave one every single time. Enemies also have a tendency to stay high above the air or teleport themselves far too frequently. (source: bigbossSNK)

Name: Glitch
Developer: Team Glitch
Category: FPS
Type: Freeware
Size: 20MB

Freeware Game Pick: Armed Generator Doom Machine

September 22, 2008 11:01 AM | Tim W.

Just like Fraxy and Warning Forever, every boss encounter in Armed Generator Doom Machine has been procedurally generated to ensure a small percentage of randomness. Hold the Z key down to shoot, press the X key to launch a missile, and use the C key to activate your shields. Power-ups are granted every few levels, and the choice of upgrade is left entirely to the player to decide on.

The game features built-in joystick support, stereo sound, a boss editor, online high scores and a two-player hotseat mode. (high quality video)

Name: Armed Generator Doom Machine
Developer: Beau Blyth
Category: Shooter
Type: Freeware
Size: 2MB
Direct download link: Click here

Preview: Zen Bound (Secret Exit)

September 22, 2008 4:14 AM | Tim W.

A preview of Secret Exit's new rope simulation game, Zen Bound. Out this fall on the iPhone and iPod, with PC, Mac and console releases to follow shortly after. (Zen Bondage)

Freeware Game Pick: Vampire Blaze (RED)

September 21, 2008 2:34 AM | Tim W.

Vampire Blaze is a freeware platform game which seems to have taken the best elements from early Castlevania releases and updated them for this project with improved controls, decent graphics and a catchy soundtrack. You start the monster hunt unarmed, but new weapons such as axes, knives, whips, crossbows and even guns can be acquired by destroying the many candelabras you will find during your adventure.

Press the X key to attack, or tap the C key to jump. Hold the Z key to sidestep or block enemy attacks with your weapon. The left shift key can be used to pause the game at any time.

Progress is saved automatically after the completion of each level, and players can continue their journey by using the resume option in the main menu. The Japanese language pack has to be installed to play, and the game will only run on displays configured with 16-bit color quality instead of the standard 32-bit. When starting Vampire Blaze, select the second option in the dialogue box for windowed mode.

Name: Vampire Blaze
Developer: RED
Category: Platformer
Type: Freeware
Size: 30MB
Direct download link: Click here (right click to save, use 7-Zip to unzip)

Browser Game Pick: Hoshi Saga 3 (nekogames)

September 21, 2008 1:55 AM | Tim W.

Note: video contains spoilers.

Hoshi Saga 3 is a new collection of puzzles designed by Yoshio Ishii, where the objective of the game is to search for stars hidden in each of the thirty levels included. Practically no instructions are given, and players are expected to solve puzzles by experimenting with random elements found in every stage.

Name: Hoshi Saga 3
Developer: Yoshio Ishii
Category: Puzzle
Type: Browser

video walkthroughs
puzzles 71 - 84
puzzles 85 - 94
puzzles 95 - 100, ending

Preview: New Mondo Game (cactus)

September 20, 2008 5:22 PM | Tim W.

A teaser site for the next Mondo game is up. (preview clip, Mondo series)

New Releases: Multiwinia, Mount & Blade

September 20, 2008 1:45 PM | Tim W.

Introversion Software's multiplayer strategy game Multiwinia is out, and a demo of the game is available for download from the Multiwinia site, Steam and Big Download. Introversion's online store carries both digital download ($24.90) and limited edition box sets ($49.80); Steam users can choose to get their copies off Valve's digital distribution service ($19.99) instead.

In other news, the retail version of Mount & Blade can now be purchased from stores across the States and Europe, or bought off GamersGate directly for $29.99. Version 0.960 is still available for download from TaleWorlds' web site, which works as an outdated beta of the full game and also a demo since a license and serial key need to be bought to unlock the level limit preventing characters from advancing further than level six. Customers who purchased the game while it was still in beta can grab version 1.003 from the forums instead.

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