Gravitron 2 is a retro arcade shooter with Thrust-like controls, where the objective is to destroy enemy reactors while saving as many scientists as you can before blasting off into space to complete a level. Keyboard, gamepad and mouse controls are all supported and can be reconfigured by accessing the options menu with the escape key while a game is in progress.

Hold the up arrow key or right mouse button to activate your thrusters, and press the left mouse button or Z key to shoot. Use the X key or middle mouse button to activate your shields and reflect enemy projectiles. Land carefully near a scientist to rescue them, and they will repair some of the damage done to your ship. Fuel can be replenished by hovering or landing next to a fuel pod. Once all reactors in an area have been destroyed, simply fly towards the sky to exit the planet's orbit and progress to the next stage.

The demo contains five of the forty-four levels found in the full version.

Name: Gravitron 2
Developer: Castle Software
Category: Arcade
Type: Demo
Size: 10MB