The Heist is an action game where players take on ten missions to steal from the rich and make a name for themselves by puliing the biggest crime spree in the country. Your task is to drive the getaway vehicle, navigate heavy traffic, and lose the cops who are hot on your tail before tallying your loot for the day back at the hideout.

Talk to your female colleague to hire new operatives. Choices are limited to the amount of street cred you gain from missions successfully completed. Operatives also contribute indirectly to your haul at the start of a getaway chase. The mechanic will fix your van with better engines or new weapons at the cost of some credits. Additional armour can also be installed to reduce the amount of credit you lose whenever your escape van collides with another vehicle on the highway. The same heists can be attempted numerous times to increase your resources before embarking on a difficult job.

Use the cursor keys to move, press the space key to mobilize or deploy your weapons, and hold the shift key to activate the slow motion mode. Press the escape key to bring up a pause menu during gameplay.

The Heist does have a couple of glaring flaws. Window size is rather small, and players are often penalized instead of rewarded for stopping cop cars as well. Repetition is also a problem, as later missions cannot be unlocked without first acquiring the right personnels for the job.

Name: The Heist
Developer: JohnnyTwoShoes
Category: Action
Type: Browser