Note: video contains spoilers.

Snakoban Dash is a puzzler designed by Tom Beaumont as an amalgamation of Boulder Dash, Snake and Sokoban. The objective of the game is to push blocks onto their designated areas, all the while trying to avoid getting trapped in an inescapable position or blowing yourself to smithereens.

Use the cursor keys to move the snake, hold the space or Z key to activate your unlimited undos, and press the escape key to bring up a pause menu. The left alternate and enter key can be used to switch between full screen and windowed mode. Alternate keys for each action and retro display emulation controls are explained further inside the text manual which is included with the game.

Snakoban Dash features roughly forty levels in total, although the save feature isn't implemented yet and all progress is lost when a player quits back to the desktop. Click on the attached file at the end of the first post to download. (gameplay video)

Name: Snakoban Dash
Developer: Tom Beaumont
Category: Puzzle
Type: Freeware
Size: 1MB