screenshot from Boryokudan Rue

Theseus - Return of the Hero: One of Sigma Team's earlier commercial releases is now available as a free download. Remember to uncheck both boxes during setup to avoid having the toolbars installed. (source: AuthenticKaizen)

N+: The third level pack for Metanet's award-winning platformer is now available as a free download on XBLA.

Love: Video preview for Eskil Steenberg's upcoming MMO game posted on Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Mighty Jill Off: The Jill Off Harder edition of dessgeega's punishing platformer is now available for download.

Iji: Daniel Remar's epic action game updated to version 1.2.

Bytejacker: World of Goo, Diver, Skullpogo and Meat Boy featured on this week's episode. (YouTube video)

Kudos 2: Cliff Harris' life-simulation strategy game is now on sale. (blog post)


cfxr: DrPetter's sound effects creation tool sfxr has been ported to the Mac. (source: Andrew Wooldridge)

Droid Assault: Puppy Games' Droid Assault featured on Big Download's regular Mac Monday column.


Debrysis: The multiplayer version of OUEO factory's arena shooter is scheduled for a release sometime in 2009.

Space Giraffe: Jeff Minter's XBLA shooter will be released on the PC very soon.


Kivi's Underworld: An open beta version for Soldak Entertainment's upcoming action adventure game is now available for both Windows and Mac users to sample.


Boryokudan Rue: The developer of La Croix Pan and Chatroom is working on a full-length adventure game.

Larry Vales: The third game in the series is in pre-production.


2008 Unity Awards: The voting thread for UA 2008 is now open, complete with links to playable builds for all entries. (original announcement)

2008 HSP Contest: Entries submitted for this year's HSP (Hot Soup Processor) Contest are now available for download.


Guardian: An article about indie games, by Keith Stuart. (Thanks Jon!)

Cave Story: The upcoming WiiWare release was recently featured on MTV Multiplayer. (source)

Flash Games

Dark Cut 3: John Cooney is currently working on another sequel to his popular surgical simulation series.

The Greater Good: Trailer for a new game created by the developer of the Shift series posted.


Frogs and Mice: Caravel Games' new IP is no longer a GarageGames exclusive, but will still be released as a product of Caravel Games in the near future.

Rubber Ninjas: Trailer for Rag Doll Software's new 3D fighting game posted.

flower: thatgamecompany's upcoming PSN release is very close to completion, and should be out sometime next year.

Flight of the Hero: A very early build of darthlupi's new game is available for beta testing and feedbacks.

Stick Ranger: DAN-BALL's physics-based RPG updated to version 2.0.

New releases: Pirate Fishing (Kloonigames), Monochro Observer (Tatsuya Koyama), Polymaniacs alpha (download), Red Spheres (Locomalito), Custer's Revenge (remake), Blast Passage (Markus Persson)