Links to some of the recent interviews with prolific or high-profile indie game developers of today:

GWLog: Metanet (text)
Raigan and Mare on N, N+, Metanet's history, freeware games, and indie game development.

Joystiq: Jonathan Blow (text)
Jonathan Blow answering a few questions about Braid and future plans.

Fidgit: Kivi's Underworld (text)
Steven Peeler of Soldak Entertainment revealing more about their follow-up project to Depths of Peril.

Casualty Gamer: Overgrowth Developer Interview (text)
Jeff Rosen of Wolfire Games interviewed by Casualty Gamer. (Zeno Clash interview)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Mount & Blade Interview (text)
TaleWorld's lead developer Armagan Yavuz speaks to Kieron Gillen about their open-ended RPG.

Dev.Mag: Mark Morris (pdf)
Featuring an interview with the managing director of Introversion Software. Magazine is a free download.

SavyGamer Podcast: Introversion Software (audio)
Chris Delay and Thomas Arundel talking about Multiwinia, DRM and projects in development.