Blockles is a multiplayer Tetris game originally launched on the social networking site i'minlikewithyou way back in 2007, and similar to TetriNET this version allows the use of items to change the course of the game both marginally and drastically.

Item effects include the basic adding or subtracting of lines, scramble or swap screens with another player, and even clear the entire well with the use of a numeral key. All players have a digit next to their user name, hence to use an item on yourself or other participants you would only need to press the key which corresponds to the number they have been assigned with.

Blocks in blue typically signifies beneficial effects, while orange blocks are usually reserved for the purpose of messing up your opponent's tactics and strategies.

Name: Blockles
Developer: i'minlikewithyou
Category: Puzzle, Multiplayer
Type: Browser