Note: contains crude and toilet humour.

Besieged tells the tale of a slave who finds himself in a sticky situation, where the king is seeking for a hero who would volunteer for courier duties and fetch reinforcements to drive back the enemy encampment outside the castle walls. This 2D adventure game is short in length, contains witty writing, and peppered thoroughly with slightly crude and possibly offensive humour.

The point-and-click user interface commonly found in many AGS games had also been simplified down to three cursor icons. Depending on whether you've clicked on an object or person, the hand icon can manipulate the item directly, add it to your inventory or in the case of a character, initiate a conversation between the protagonist and the person you've just chose to speak with.

Name: Besieged
Developers: Jaroslaw Bleicher, Alex van der Wijst and Funkmast (music)
Category: Adventure
Type: Freeware
Size: 20MB