Herbert West in Carrion Reanimating is an action game set in a large building with multiple exits, where visitors would come knocking at any of the door and request to see if their friends are doing okay. The objective is basically to reanimate and send the right zombie to meet these people, so they can be reassured that nothing has happened and will leave you to your experiments peacefully. Should one of the guests lose their patience from waiting for a response or catch a look at their friends, then a cop will arrive shortly and attempt to find evidence of necromancy in the building. Simpy guide the other zombies away from him as he walk from one exit to another, and things would return to normal when he comes out of his search empty handed.

Use the cursor keys to move and jump, press the left control key to reanimate or kick a zombie, and tap the left alt key to flip switches. Note that zombies will be able to use switches as well after gaining some intelligence from being resurrected multiple times. Hold the tab key to view a map of the location at any time. (trailer, forum thread)

Name: Herbert West in Carrion Reanimating
Developer: Lemmy, Binky, Dan Marshall (writing), Nikolas Sideris (music)
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 30MB
Direct download link: Click here