Colk-Cube is a 3D puzzler created by TERU-soach, where players would have to clear as many boxes as they can to advance from one level to the next. Use the cursor keys to move around, press the Z key when standing next to a block to kick it, and tap the X key to jump. You can also nudge a block slightly by pressing the correct arrow key when the push text is displayed on screen. SImply connect three or more squares of the same colour together to remove these blocks from the area.

The entire field can be rotated using the Q or E key, and holding down the escape key allows players to exit back to the main menu and quit the game from there. The number of blocks required to clear a stage is displayed on the upper right side of the screen, as a counter with the word rest above it.

Name: Colk-Cube
Developer: TERU-soach
Category: Puzzle
Type: Freeware
Size: 2MB
Download page: Click here