Dyson is a real-time strategy game which involves commanding an army of seedlings with the aim of colonizing an entire asteroid belt, one asteroid at a time. Structures and buildings commonly found in RTS games have been replaced with two types of trees, although there is a limit to how many trees you can have on each asteroid. The Dyson tree allows you to grow new seedlings, while defensive trees produce exploding pods that automatically home in on invading seedlings sent by your adversaries. Both trees cost fifteen seedlings per unit to generate, so an asteroid with less than fifteen seedlings occupying it will not be able to grow any new trees.

Left click and drag from one asteroid to another to send all available seedlings to their new destination. Right click repeatedly on an asteroid to add individual seedlings to a new invasion party, then left click on a nearby asteroid to send this party to forage or invade.

Other than the inclusion of defensive pods, version 1.08 also introduces a sphere of influence limiting the distance in which a group of seedlings can be sent to. The three-page tutorial is a new addition as well, and does a decent job of briefing players on how the game works. Dyson requires the installation of .NET 2.0 Framework to run.

Name: Dyson
Developer: Alex May, Rudolf Kremers
Category: Strategy
Type: Freeware
Size: 20MB
Platforms: Windows, Linux