Everybody Dies is an interactive fiction work written by Jim Munroe, with Michael Cho contributing illustrations for the game. The story is centered around three employees who happens to work in the same Cost Cutters grocery store building. We are first introduced to Graham, a pothead assigned to retrieve shopping carts haphazardly misplaced by previous customers after use.

The game is playable on any internet browser with Java Machine installed, or downloaded as a raw Blorb file and executed with one of the many interpreters designed for running Glulx games. Note that you can type x and press enter to examine any object in the current location, including yourself. The final part of the text walkthrough is also slightly incorrect, as players would have to tear off labels instead of taking namecards for the final puzzle. (walkthrough)

Name: Everybody Dies
Developer: Jim Munroe, Michael Cho
Category: IF
Type: Browser, Freeware
Size: 5MB

Play online here (requires a browser with Java Machine installed)
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