Links to some of the recent interviews with prolific or high-profile indie game developers of today:

Destructoid Interview: Edmund McMillen (text)
Not a week goes by without the mention of Edmund McMillen in the news. (IGN Independent's Day article)

Destructoid Interview: Nathan Fouts (text)
The experienced XNA developer talks to Brad Nicholson about his upcoming 2D side-scrolling Contra-style action game, Weapon of Choice.

PlayHard: Interview with Edmundo Bordeu (text)
Catching up with the Art Director for the upcoming Source-powered game Zeno Clash.

Gaming World: hima Interview (text)
The developer of Hello Panda reveals everything.

Independence night: Dong Interview (text)
A very short article on one of the SOWN finalists, in both English and Japanese.

Interview: Paul Preece and David Scott (text)
More of an announcement for Casual Collective, rather than an actual interview about Desktop Tower Defense.