Jonathan Blow has made the speech he gave out at the Montreal International Game Summit available for download from his web site in mp3 format, which comes together with the slides used for the presentation. The talk is titled "Conflicts in Game Design", partly a revised and expanded version of the lecture he presented at Games:EDU South four months ago. (Gamasutra summary)

On a related note, Esquire magazine had recently posted an article about indie game developer Jason Rohrer, touching on a variety of topics such as his creations, ideas, philosophies, and the ever-present discussion of games as art. (Persuasive Games: Disjunctive Play)

The panel in which Danny Ledonne (Super Columbine Massacre RPG!), Brian Crecente and Robert Denerstein discusses about video games as art (among other things) is also available for download from the Denver Film Society's web site in mp3 format. (source: Kotaku)