high quality video

Very early alpha test of Cryptic Sea's gun, a game which features cloned Hitlers.

high quality video

I wish I can say for certain what stack overflow is (vertical shooter?). messhof had also released a psychedelic screensaver recently, perfect for annoying your colleagues and workmates.

Mage Blasta, the new overhead action game from darthlupi (The Cleaner, Raging Skies). Note that the build posted is a very early tech demo, and it could be some time before the game is done.

The Stormy Sea, a new IF game from the author of Poizoned Mind and Gun Mute.

Detonate, a new strategy game from the developer of Xoldiers and Squish. Due out this weekend.

This last video preview is taken from the freeware game Classic Night, supposedly set for a release sometime early next year. Hopefully it'll have all the text translated to English when that time comes.