from left to right: Mega Panda, Conflux, Lil Sprout (Lexaloffle Games)

Mega Panda: "A puzzle game in the same as Chocolate Castle and Zen Puzzle Garden. Comes with a set of hand-designed puzzles and an editor. The player can scoop up and merge a few pandas to produce a single, larger panda. The goal is to do this until there is only one, very big 'mega-panda' remaining."

Conflux: "An ecological action game. The player takes control of a powerful peacock-like creature whose task is to manage an ecosystem of increasing complexity. Every now and then a new species is added to the mix, and it's up to you to maintain the balance."

Lil Sprout: "Lil Sprout is based on a Ludum Dare 48h entry made a couple of years ago, called Super Sprout. The new game is about growing impressive plants out of your head."

Games in Development (Lexaloffle Games)

screenshot from cactus' Brain-Damaged Toon Underworld

possible concept art for one of Nigoro's upcoming releases

Cosmic Prison Commando