Postmortem: The Graveyard (Gamasutra)
The postmortem on Tales of Tales' experimental game was recently reprinted as a ten-page feature on Gamasutra.

The (Free) Spirit of Christmas (The Escapist)
A list of freeware and browser game recommendations for the holidays, with more to be found under the comments section.

IndieCade Roundup (Eurogamer)
An article on Indiecade's selection of games this year.

Everyday Shooter Blasts onto PSP Today (PlayStation.Blog)
Jonathan Mak blogging about the PSP port of Everyday Shooter.

Edmund McMillen's Game Art (Good Times)
A write-up in the local paper about Edmund and his recent releases.

Analysis: Why Dangerous High School Girls Can't Be Ignored (Gamasutra)
An article about Mousechief's social board game, written by Emily Short.

2008 Game of the Year Awards (GameTunnel)
GameTunnel's annual feature is back, with nominees for the 2008 Sports Game of the Year already posted to kick things off. (schedule)