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We're starting out the 2008 Best Of Features here on the IndieGames.com blog with a couple of tongue-in-cheek charts - and thus, we're proud to present ten of the best freeware games released by Jesse Venbrux in 2008.

What we know about Jesse Venbrux: aged 22, originated from Netherlands, a big fan of Nintendo, studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts, did his internship with Q-Games, uses the versatile Game Maker for development purposes, and has an unhealthy obsession with the subject of death.

He also makes decent games - lots of them, actually. You could read more about him on his most recent interview with anna anthropy, on the auntie pixelante site. Here's his top games of the year:

Freeware Games by Jesse Venbrux 2008

  1. Deaths
  2. Execution
  3. Karoshi
  4. Karoshi 2.0
  5. Karoshi Suicide Salaryman
  6. Karoshi Factory
  7. Mubbly Tower
  8. Paperblast
  9. Torque
10. You Made It

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