Links to some of the recent interviews with prolific or high-profile indie game developers of today:

Interview: Petri Purho (text)
The first of three interviews conducted by Erin Robinson at the recent Gamma3D event.

Interview: Alec Holowka (text)
Alec Holowka chats with the developer of Nanobots about Aquaria and their new startup, Infinite Ammo.

Interview: Jonathan Blow (text)
The inspirational Jon Blow, talking about his inspirations.

The Reticule: Cliff Harris Interview (text)
Cliff on the usual topics of DRM and piracy.

Kivi's Underworld: Mac Game Development (text)
Steven Peeler discussing about the advantages of releasing your game for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Destructoid interview: Nathan Fouts (text)
Brad Nicholson talking to the developer of Weapon of Choice, again.