Links to some of the recent interviews with prolific or high-profile indie game developers of today:

The Reticule: 2D Boy Interview (text)
Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel talks about a missing sixth chapter called "The Moon", among other things discussed in this two-parter. (part 2)

GameCyte: Declarations of Independents, Lugaru and Overgrowth (text)
David Rosen quizzed on the subject of Black Shades, Lugaru, Overgrowth and future plans for Wolfire Games.

GameZone: First-Person Action/Fighting with Zeno Clash (text)
More on ACE Team's unique first-person fighting game, Zeno Clash.

GameSetWatch: Building IncrediBots With Some Grubby Geezers (text)
"Everything is made from basic ideas and simple visuals, but IncrediBots has proven popular enough to overload three servers since its beta launched in November."

GameSetWatch: On Creating XBLA's First Claymation Videogame (text)
A special feature with just about everything you need to know about TunaSnax's upcoming XBLA release, Cletus Clay.

Gamasutra: Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin Cry Out (text)
Both Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin were interviewed for this five-page article on Gamasutra.